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BBAS Accounting & Bookkeeping have proudly been servicing Businesses in Western Victoria since 2005. We were among the first Services in Victoria who offered “Mobile Bookkeeping,” so all Businesses, small and large could engage our services without the commitment and expense of hiring full time office staff.


Wouldn’t it be nice for you to run your business without the worry of:

  • Recording its income and expenses,
  • Balancing bank statements,
  • Lodging annual Workcover remuneration declarations,
  • Preparing and lodging BAS’s,
  • Paying the Creditors,
  • Chasing the Slow payers,
  • Filing
  • Feeding the dog….?

Bookkeeping is only one link in our chain of duties. And as links do, it overlaps onto our
Payroll, Accounting , Office Management & Other Services


What a nightmare! Very few successful business owners have the time, let alone the patience to decipher “Awards” or navigate the Fairwork Page. And day to day running of a business doesn’t always allow time to:

  • Keep an eye on annual pay rate increases,
  • Stay up to date with new work related legislation,
  • Set up and Operate and Maintain Payroll Software,
  • Set up Payroll clock on/ clock off systems,
  • Keep excellent Payroll Records,
  • Pays Employees on time, issues Payment summaries
  • Lodges Single Touch Payroll,
  • Pays the Superannuation on time every time,
  • Prepares and Lodges the Annual Workplace Remuneration Declarations,
  • Prepares end of Financial Year Payroll Lodgement,
  • Take out the Garbage….?

Well, here at BBAS, we have had years of experience looking after Payroll for so many businesses in Ballarat and the Western Districts.

Office Management

So, consider this scenario. You are a business owner badly in need of a holiday, but you are tied to your Office Desk 24/7. If you are not there to do it, who will:

  • Check and Reply to Emails
  • Pay the bills
  • Bank the cheques
  • Send out Invoices or Quotes
  • Keep Insurances up to date…

And the most important service of all, who will be your Eyes and Ears and relay messages
back to you or for you- In general, Our Office Management Team keep you in the loop
with what’s happening in your business. Very much like a Personal Assistant


The Accountants at BBAS do so much more than prepare your Business for Taxation. The BBAS Accountants work with the Payroll Team, the Bookkeepers and the Office Management Staff to develop tax advantageous strategies for your business. And we present you with and Explain to you the following reports every Quarter:


    • Profit and Loss Reports
    • Balance Sheet Reports
    • Business Statistical Ratios
      • Liquidity Ratios~ How quick can your company access cash to meet your debts
      • Efficiency Ratios~ Includes Cash flow, and how quickly your customers are paying you
      • Profitability Ratios~ This Ratio is not only invaluable to evaluate your own financial viability, but it serves as an extremely important marker to compare to other businesses in your industry.
      • Leverage Ratios~ quite often required by bankers when determining if your business is lendable! (Can you pay back the loan)

And here’s the thing- when you do go to the bank, cap in hand, asking for a loan, you want to know that you can pay back the loan. Our BBAS Accountants will prepare the Reports for your bank. But more importantly, we will explain to you in simple language what the reports reveal and why. So, when you sit down in front of the bank manager, you will be confident and fully armed with all the material and answers required.

We position you directly in front of goal!!

Other Services

BBAS is an extremely unique and diverse team who bring way more to the table than the typical bookkeeper or accountant.

Our Experience is based on years of providing services to a wide range of diverse industries- each with their own set of specific needs. What we don’t know, we will find out.

But here are some services that we have grouped under Other Services” to give you an idea of what else we can help you with


  • Set up Accounting Software and provide basic training.
  • Insurance Packages- getting Quotes from various brokers and helping you make an informed choice
  • Advertising
  • On boarding new Employees
  • Organising Printing for docket/ invoice/ quote books
  • Web Design

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