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As at July 1, Single Touch Payroll is the new way to record your Payroll Liabilities to the Tax Office.

BBAS Offer a Complete Payroll Service that includes Superannuation, Workcover, and yes…. Single Touch Payroll!

Single Touch Payroll is the new way of Reporting Payroll to the ATO at the time of the Payroll event. With a few extra clicks on a reliable  chosen Accounting Software, you. instantly report your Employees wages to the ATO. End of Year Payment Summaries (Group Certificates) will become a thing of the past. Employees will be directed to their MYGOV Accounts to discover that their Payment Summary will be sitting in there waiting to be used for Tax Returns and other financial matters.

Single Touch Payroll (STP) has not been introduced without its fair share of headaches.

Common Problems with STP include:-

*Linking your software to the ATO via Access Manager

*Setting up the parameters of STP in your accounting software

*Failure to lodge the reports for due to “unknown errors”

But to be fair, it is early days yet and we can expect these and other glitches to be ironed out over the coming months.

But, here at BBAS we understand it can be just. a bit too much and too daunting, especially if you are already struggling to run your day to day business.

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